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About me

Hi there!

My name is Maria, nice to meet you! Let me introduce myself to give you a glimpse into my life and work. I am a 27 year old german photographer from Berlin. In the summer of 2016 I finished my B.A. in Communication and Graphic Design and moved to a charming little village in Ireland.

Since I was a child I always had the need to do something creative, whether doing paintings or other arts and crafts things. Photography came to me, when I was in Ireland in 2009, minding five kids as an Au-pair. I saved all my money to buy my first own DSLR. Learning how to use the camera I was taking pictures, which were mostly still life. But I felt that doing landscapes wasn‘t fulfilling, so I started taking pictures of people and found my way into couple portraiture, family and weddings. I use to call these three types of photography: my passion for love. Because thats what it is. Having lovers, friends and families in front of the camera is always a precious moment, that I am eager to capture.

So, I don‘t want to write down my whole story, how about we meet insted? Then I can tell you more!

If you are interested in getting in touch, whether you want your portrait taken or getting married, still looking for a photographer capturing your perfect day...just drop me a line! I am looking forward to it!